SPARROW offers complete delivery and courier services:

• Single and team drivers

• Dedicated last mile services 

• Fine art installation, packing, and on site assembly of furniture

• White glove placements and material removal

• Connection to consolidated truck line hauls, sea port, and air freight services for shipping worldwide.

Domestic and Worldwide Shipments

Other companies rely on brokers, however our network is direct with all FTL, LTL, ocean, rail, and parcel carriers, with real time rates.

Our specialty is dealing with objects of value, unorthodox structure, materials warranting delicate handling, and large/oversized pieces of furniture. Our crew is capable of collecting and packing your inventory professionally and efficiently, ready for shipping with us or a carrier of your choosing.

Packing and Crating


TBS Shipping offers onsite packing and crating, as well as custom crate making for delivery. Over the years, we've worked with established crate shops and packing gurus and we bring that insight and quality to our customers.

We go green, and by that we mean we use recycled materials as much as possible—from cardboard boxes to packing peanuts. We make sure we use only the amount of material you require, and less weight means it costs less to ship it.

Event Services

We offer production-level logistics management for:

Art Fairs

• Trade Shows

• Exhibitions


• Pop-up Auctions

• Corporate Events

• Outdoor Events and Festivals

Our on-site staff will make sure communication between you, your clients and our crews are aligned, so that deliveries and collections can be executed smoothly.


We'll take time to consult with you and make sure your project is executed flawlessly. Coupled with TBS shipping for freight, we offer solutions to meet your specific needs.

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