Art and Designer SERVICES

In addition to warehousing services, including inventory management, storage, and cross-shipping, our team members are equipped with the experience and know-how to take on your next project. All risk insurance available.

 Our team members have installed works at Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Miami, Design MiamiPULSE, Affordable Art Fair and Outsider Art Fair.

• All crew members we dispatch have years of experience and are well-trained to pack, move, and assemble both contemporary and antique furnishings .

• Our techs show up ready, with ladders, laser and level kit, protective floor covering, hardware, and an assortment of both metric and standard tools.  

• For additional services, we have light scaffolding and two ton gantry service available in-house, as well as a broad network for larger equipment as needed.

• We cater to private clients, collectors, and art/design fair exhibitors. When combined with TBS Shipping, we offer a complete solution for exhibitors in fairs nationwide.

Contact us below for an estimate.

Packing and Crating

TBS Shipping offers onsite packing and crating, as well as custom crate making for delivery. Our founders started at some of the most renowned shipping firms, both locally and worldwide, and insist upon the proper packing techniques practiced for decades in the industry. 


We have experience with items of high value, high-end furniture, ceramics, framed works, climate sensitive pieces, neon, marble, chandeliers/ornate lighting, as well as specialty, form-fitting crates, such as flight cases and custom carts.

Fine Art Shuttles

TBS Shipping coordinates shuttles between New York, Boston, and Chicago every 4-6 weeks, with stops throughout I-80 and northeast I-95. The vessel is an air-ride suspension truck, GPS tracked, with a dedicated 2-team unit, making it perfect for private collectors, furniture manufacturers, finished artwork or items of significant personal value.

The shuttle often coincides with some of the major art and design fairs within NYC, Miami, and Chicago. Contact us today for an updated schedule or sign up for our departure newsletter below!

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